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viscosity of bentonite slurry

Determine the viscosity of bentonite slurry using marsh cone

Viscosity test of bentonite slurry using marsh cone

Test Standard : ASTM D6910M-09

Test Apparatus :

  1. Weighing balance
  2. Marsh cone
  3. Timer
  4. Measuring cylinder 1000ml and 1500ml
  5. Thermometer

Calibration of Marsh cone

Fill the Marsh cone with 1500ml of water while holding a finger over the orifice. If the water surface is at the screen no further marking is required, if the surface is above or below the screen, a mark should be placed inside the funnel for reference when running the test. Verify that the flow duration for 946 ml of water is 26±0.5 second at a temperature of 21±30C. If the Funnel does not meet these criteria for fresh water, clean the orifice tube and inspect to verify that the tube has not been bent, flattened or otherwise distorted. If the funnel continues to provide inaccurate readings, it may have been damaged and the funnel should be replaced.

Test Procedure :

  1. Clean and dry funnel and measuring cylinder.
  2. Prepare 1500ml of 4% (W/V) bentonite slurry or as stated in the manufacturers guidelines.
  3. Cover the Marsh Funnel orifice with a finger and pour the bentonite slurry at 21±30C through the screen into the upright funnel, while holding the funnel over the graduated cup, remove the finger and start the timer.
  4. Measure the time for the slurry to fill the graduated cup to the 946 ml level.

The elapsed time to the nearest second for 946 ml of bentonite slurry to flow into the graduated cylinder is denoted as marsh funnel viscosity.

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