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stripping value test of aggregate


Determination of stripping value of Road aggregates

The Stripping value shows us suitability of aggregates with different types of bituminous binders.

Test Standard : IS 6241: 1971

Test Apparatus :

  1. IS Sieve 20mm, 12.5mm
  2. Glass beaker 500ml
  3. Constant temperature water bath
  4. Hot air oven, container

Test Procedure :

  1. Prepare Test sample by sieving and collecting the material passing 20mm IS Sieve and retained on 12.5mm IS Sieve.
  2. Wash the sample and dry in hot air oven & heat the aggregate to a temperature of 150°C if bitumen is used & 100°C if tar is used.
  3. Take the weight of the aggregates as 500gms & Mix it with 5 percent binder by weight of aggregates in a small container, binder being heated previously to 160°C if bitumen and 110°C if tar.
  4. After complete coating the mixture is transferred to a 500 ml beaker and allowed to cool at the room temperature for about two hours. Distilled water is then added to immerse the coated aggregates.
  5. The beaker is covered and kept in a water-bath maintained at 40°C, taking care that the level of water in the water-bath comes up to at least half the height of the beaker.
  6. After 24 hours the beaker is taken out, cooled at room temperature and the extent of stripping is estimated visually while specimen is still under water.


Total area of the Aggregate before test (A, %)

Uncovered area of the aggregate after Test (B, %)

Stripping Value (%) = (B/A) X 100

The stripping value shall be the ratio of the uncovered area observed visually to the total area of the aggregates in each test expressed as a percentage.

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