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determine the dimensions of bricks (Length, Width and Height)

Brick size, Dimension test for Standard brick

Determine the Standard brick size in mm (Length, Width and Height) as per Standard. Tolerance of brick size Visual Examination for brick dimension.

Test Standard : IS 1077-199, Reaffirmed 2011

Test Appratus : A steel tape.

Test Procedure :

  1. Selected random 20 Nos of bricks for testing.
  2. Examine for surface defects like cracks, flaws and nodules of free lime.
  3. Take twenty brick sample. Remove all blisters, loose particles, clay and small projections from brick.
  4. Arrange all brick lengthwise in contact with each other and in a straight line at a level surface.
  5. Measure overall length of the assembled bricks a steel tape.
  6. Measure width and height of assembled bricks.

The standard brick size

The size of modular bricks

Length (L) mmWidth (W) mmHeight (H) mm
Standard dimensions of bricks

The size of non-modular bricks

Length (L) mmWidth (W) mmHeight (H) mm
The standard size of non-modular

Tolerances for bricks dimension per 20 bricks

For modular size brick

Length3720 to 3880 mm (3800+/- 80 mm)
Width1760 to1840 mm (1800+/-40 mm)
Height760 to 1840 mm (1800+/-40 mm ) (for 90mm height)
Height760 to 840 mm (800+/-40 mm ( for 70 mm height )
Tolerances for modular size brick

For non-modular size bricks

Length520 to 4680 mm (4600+/- 80 mm)
Width2240 to 2160mm (2200+/- 40 mm)
Height1440 to 1360 mm (1400+/-40 mm) (For 70 mm high bricks)
Height640 to 560 mm (600+/-40 mm) (For 30 mm high bricks)
Tolerance non-modular size bricks

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