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what is noise pollution

what is Noise Pollution?

Noise Pollution is one type of volume that makes diseases into the environment and it very harmful for the people who are breathing and living on this earth. Noise Pollution involves Vehicle horns, Industrial volume, and loudspeaker music. Noise Pollution is very discomfort and injurious for physical and mental health and irritating and annoying to living beings.

  • India has most of the festivals in which all they are celebrating in a different style but in some of the festivals like Diwali, It is a great festival, But people are using firecrackers to explode and make noise and pollute the air.
  • As we all know in Hinduism marriage, the people are making a sound by playing on the loudspeaker music, but they are careless for noise pollution how much it’s spreading in the environment.
  • In the traffic of India, so many people are making noise, and it is severest in the cities. For example buses, trains, airplanes and trams etc. There is a different mode of transport, which is making noise, it is very painful for us and bothers the mind, but they do not understand how to solve that problem if there is any noise. Compared to people, it will follow like a series.
  • In the industrial area have a significant number of factories in the major cities if we go then we get noise pollution along with that air pollution and polluting to the environment and also disturbing the nearby residential area.
  • There have most of the social events and festive occasions, but people are using the loudspeaker very loudly and making noise and disturbing to other people.
  • There are the uses of mobile phones during the social and political events which are unrestricted.
  • In the home people also generating noise by using a large number of appliances like Mixer grinder juicer.
  • Television also causes of the noise pollution because it may affect to the physically like it can harm to our Eye and ear by the watching for the long hour.
  • When any construction site is working in progress than his activity can damage to us by using such sound-producing equipment, Cranes, Cement mixer and road roller, etc.
what is noise pollution
what is noise pollutionNoise pollution

Effects of Noise Pollution

  1. Over a period we are the effect of noise pollution, and it can easily result in damage to our eardrums and loss of hearing. This may impair the hearing for always and it also reduces our sensitivity to sounds so that our ears pick up unconsciously to regulate our body’s rhythm.
  2. There are many types of diseases and stress related to a heart that can harm it because of Blood pressure levels, cardiovascular diseases, and high noises can cause to high blood pressure and increases heartbeat rate as it causes the normal blood flow.
  3. Loud Noise can affect people sleeping patterns it generating irritation and uncomfortable situations, so that is the reason for individuals who are not getting a good night’s sleep and not getting proper rest and it can lose the performance of individuals at the office and the home.
  4. Noise pollution is causing on the health of the people, and nowadays people are suffering from stress and anxiety and also psychological health.It can be associated with excessive noise levels such as sleep disturbances, constant stress, fatigue and high blood pressure.
  5. Trouble communicating generated when two people are talking freely and noise is disturbing to them so people will not understand the other person’s communication then it can become a headache for the people.

Solutions of Noise Pollution

  1. Public awareness is essential for prevent and control noise pollution. Not only the government but we should also be aware of the harmful consequences of noise pollution.
  2. Due to the definite deafness, people should be aware of the excessive noise such as transport terminals, industries, airports, and railway terminals should be away from living places.
  3. Avoid the maximum uses of sound processing instruments and make proper regulations for the utilize of a loudspeaker and other devices.
  4. Construction of some soundproof machines in the industrial and manufacturing installation must be encouraged. Also necessary for residential building.
  5. Anti-pollution laws should make strict rules and regulation which enacted and forced.
  6. Ban all types of firecrackers which is very harmful for pollution and replace with the bulb horns.
  7. In the law of community must have a real and silence zone like Schools, Colleges, and Hospitals.
  8. Make in the residential area the plantation (Trees) it absorbs the sound and reduces the pollution and also healthier for the breathing of the body.
  9. We can reduce Noise pollution by using all solutions and make a healthy and happier India. If we all reduce pollution and make the plantation everywhere, then people breathe healthily on this planet.

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