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List of IRC codes

List of IRC codes | Highway Engineering

List of important IRC (Indian Road Congress) codes for highway construction. These IRC codes are very important for every civil engineer in Highway construction.

IRC no.Description of IRC
IRC: 2-1968Route Marker Signs for National Highway (First Revision)
IRC: 5-1985Section-1 General Features of Design (Sixth Revision)
IRC: 8-1980Type Designs for Highway Kilometre Stones.
IRC: 10-1961Recommended Practice for Borrow pits for Road Embankments Constructed by Manual Operation.
IRC: 14-1977 Recommended Practice for 2 CM Bitumen and Tar Carpets.
IRC: 16-1989Specification for Priming of Base Course with Bituminous Primers. (First Revision)
IRC: 17-1965Tentative Specification for Single Coat Bituminous Surface Dressing. (First Reprint)
IRC: 19-1977Standard Specification and Code of Practice for Water Bound Macadam. (Second Revision)
IRC: 20-1966Recommended Practice for Bituminous Penetration Macadam. (Full Grout)
IRC: 22-1986Section VI Composite Construction. (First Revision)
IRC: 23-1966Tentative Specification for Two Coat Bituminous Surface Dressing.
IRC: 25-1967Type Design for Boundry Stones.
IRC: 26-1967Type Design for 200-Metre Stones.
IRC: 27-1967Tentative Specification for Bituminous Macadam (Base &Binder Course)
IRC: 29-1988 Specification for Bituminous Concrete (Asphaltic Concrete) for Road Pavement (First Revision)
IRC: 30-1968Standard Letters and Numerals of Different Heights for use on Highway Signs.
IRC: 35-1997Code of Practice for Road Markings.(First Revision)
IRC: 36-1970Recommended Practice for the Construction of Earth Embankments for Road Works.
IRC: 37-2001Guidelines for the Design Flexible Pavements. (Second Revision)
IRC: 40-2002Standard Specification and Code of Practice for Road Bridges Section-IV (Brick, Stone and Cement Concrete Block Masonry.(Second Revision)
IRC: 48-1972Tentative Specification for Bituminous Surface Dressing Using Precoated Aggregates.
IRC: 63-1976Tentative Guidelines for The use of Low Grade Aggregates and Soil Aggregates Mixtures in Road Pavement Construction.
IRC: 67-2001Code of Practice for Road Signs.
IRC: 78-2000Section: VII Foundations and Substructure (Second Revision)
IRC: 79-1981Recommended Practice for Road Delineators.
IRC:82-1982Code of Practice for Maintenance of Bituminous Surfaces of Highways
IRC: 90-1985Guidelines for Selection Operation and Maintenance of Bituminous Hot Mix Plant.
IRC: 94-1986Specification for Dense Bituminous Macadam.
IRC: 110-2005Standard Specification and Code of Practice for Design and Construction of Surface Dressing.
IRC: 199-1988 Tentative Guidelines on the Provision of Speed Breakers for Control of Vehicular Speeds on Minor Roads.
SP-11Handbook of Quality Control for Construction of Roads and Runnways.
SP-23Handbook on Concrete mixes.

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