wet density of fresh concrete

How to find fresh wet density and Yield of concrete IS 1199-1959

Why need to findout fresh wet density and Yield of concrete?

Wet density of concrete reflects the ability of concrete to function for structural support, water and solute movement, and durability. This method helps to calculate the yield of concrete per cubic meter.

Test apparatus :

  1. Weighing balance of accuracy 10gms.
  2. Tamping steel bar of 1.8 Kg, 38cm long and have a ramming face square, 
  3. cylindrical metal measure of capacity 10 litres.
Calibration of the cylindrical measure:

How to find fresh wet density and Yield of concrete  IS 1199-1959
How to find fresh wet density and Yield of concrete IS 1199-1959

The cylindrical container shall be calibrated to calculate its actual volume by measuring the weight of the water at 270C required to fill the container to full height such that no meniscus is present above the rim of the container. Assuming the density of water as 1kg/lit at 270C, weight of the water measured will give the volume of the container (say A, ltr) 


Cylindrical metal measure shall be filled with concrete as soon as practicable after mixing in such a way so as to produce full compaction of concrete with neither segregation not excess laitance. The concrete shall be filled in measure in layers of approximately 5cm deep and tamping with 60 strokes per layer using tamping rod. After the top layer has been compacted the excess concrete shall be struck off level with the top of the measure. All excess concrete shall then be cleaned form the exterior and the filled weight measured. 


Fresh wet density of concrete = Weight of the concrete / Volume of the cylindrical measure

Yield of concrete per bag of cement (cum
) = Volume of concrete produced per batch (cum)/No of 50Kg bags of cement per batch.

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