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Bentonite testing


Determine the gel formation index of bentonite

Test Standard : IS 6186:1986, RA 2010

Test Apparatus :

  1. Weighing balance
  2. Light magnesium oxide
  3. Glass measuring cylinder 500ml
  4. Glass measuring cylinder 100ml
  5. High speed stirrer.

Test Procedure

  1. Mix 6.0 gms of the dried bentonite intimately with 0.3gms of light magnesium oxide.
  2. Add the 200 ml of water in 500ml stoppered measuring cylinder than add mixture in water .
  3. Agitate thoroughly for one hour.
  4. Transfer 100 ml mix to a 100 ml measuring cylinder and allow to stand for 24 hours.

The material shall satisfy the requirements of the test if not more than 2 ml of clean liquid separates at the surface.

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