Fineness test of microsilica retained on 45µ IS sieve


Test standard : IS 1727:1967

Fineness test of microsilica
Fineness test of microsilica

Test Appratus : 

  1. 45µ IS Sieve
  2. Weighing balance of accuracy 0.1%
  3. Hot air oven
Test Procedure :

  1. Take 100 gms  of sample (say W1, gms) , Sample shall be prepared by quartering method.
  2. Place it over the 45micron IS Sieveand Wash the material by jet of water & keep it well agitated.
  3. The washing shall continue till it appears no more turbid. Dry the sieve and the residue in a oven. Brush the residue from the sieve after drying and weigh on a weighing balance (say W2, gms)
Particle retained (R) on 45µ IS Sieve (%)  = (W2/W1) x 100Test result shall be reported to the nearest 0.1%

Variation from average:

Test ten samples of microsilica & measure the particle retained on 45µ IS Sieve (%) of each sample, calculate the average of ten samples & report the result to the nearest 0.1% (Ravg)

Variation from the average shall be calculated as = ±{(R-Ravg)/Ravg) x 100

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