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Different types of Materials used in Construction Works | Introduction

Different types of Construction Materials

  • Cement

Different types of  Materials used in Construction Works
Different types of Materials used in Construction Works

Cements is a binding material, Cement are finely ground powders ,when cement mixed with water than cement start to chemical reaction with water and and start Setting and hardening from hydration of cement, which is a chemical combination of the cement compounds with water that yields submicroscopic crystals or a gel-like material with a high surface area. Because of their hydrating properties, Cement, one of the most important Construction materials, is a binding agent that sets and hardens to adhere to concrete and other construction works.

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  • Aggregate
Different types of  Materials used in Construction Works

Aggregates are the important part of 
concrete. hey give a body to the concrete, aggregate reduce shrinkage and effect economy. The more fact that the aggregates occupy 70–80 percent of the volume of concrete, their impact on various characteristics and properties of concrete is undoubtedly considerable.Aggregate classified in two types first is Coarse agggregate and second is fine aggregate.

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  • Water
Different types of  Materials used in Construction Works

Water is a important construction material ,Water is a colorless and odorless substance found all over Earth. 
Water is an important ingredient of concrete as it actively participates in the chemical reaction with cement. Water helps to form the strength giving cement paste, the quantity and quality of water is required to be looked into very carefully in concrete. 
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  • Admixture
Different types of  Materials used in Construction Works

A material other than water, aggregates, and hydraulic cement and additives like pozzolana or slag and fibre reinforcement used as an ingredient of concrete or mortar and added to the batch immediately before or during its mixing to modify one or more of the properties of concrete in the plastic or hardened state.
  • Curing Compound
Different types of  Materials used in Construction Works | Introduction
Curing compound

Curing compound is a chemical compund that can maintain required moisture content in concrete to achieve Strength. Concrete curing compound is a compound which helps to prevent the loss of moisture content from the concrete.In view of insufficient curing generally carried out at site of work, the increasing importance of curing for alround good qualities of concrete

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  • Steel
 types of  Materials used in Construction Works
Steel reinforcement

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon,Steel is a important construction material used in buildings, infrastructure. Steel is likely used as Reinforcement in concrete. Different types of steel steel are using in construction like Mild steel, TMT steel, HYSD Steel etc.
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  • Flyash

Fly ash is a byproduct from  pulverized coal in thermal power plants. During of production, mineral impurities in the coal (clay, feldspar, quartz, and shale) fuse in suspension and float out of the combustion chamber with the exhaust gases. Generally two types of fly ash are commonly used in construction Class C and Class F.

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  • Microsilica

Silica fume is another material  that is used as an artificial pozzolanic admixture. It is a product resulting from reduction of high purity quartz with coal in an electric arc furnace in the manufacture of silicon or ferrosilicon alloy. Silica fume rises as an oxidised vapour. Its is used to improve concrete quality.

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  • Micro fibers
Different types of  Materials used in Construction Works | Introduction
Concrete Microfibers used to reduce plastic shrinkage cracking of concrete and quickly distribute uniformly throughout the concrete matrix. It has high-tensile strength, high modulus of elasticity.
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  • Geotextile
Different types of  Materials used in Construction Works | Introduction

Geotextiles are used to improve soil characteristics in civil engineering. Geotextiles make poor soil more manageable and stable, enabling construction in places that would otherwise be unsuitable. Geotextiles are ideal materials for many infrastructure works, such as roads, harbors, landfills, drainage structures and much more.

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  • HT Strands

The uncoated, stress relieved ‘low relaxation’ seven-ply steel strands is using in prestressed concrete.Its main component is Wire and strand.The wire to be used for strand shall

be cold-drawn from plain carbon steel and shall contain not more than 0.050 percent
sulphur and not more than 0.050 percent of phosphorus.
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  • Tiles

Tiles are commonly using in building construction which is used to cover floor or wall surface,Tiles are using in square, Circular , rectangular and more sizes,Tile is made by baked clay, carpet, cork, or other substance.

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  • Bricks
Different types of  Materials used in Construction Works | Introduction

Brick is a construction material, Bricks are using in building construction to make walls, pavements ,masonry works and other structures.Brick are made by clay but now days Bricks are produced in numerous classes, types, materials, and sizes which vary upon uses of bricks.Generally two types of bricks are use fist is fired and second is non-fired bricks.

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  • AAC Blocks
Different types of  Materials used in Construction Works | Introduction

Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) is a lightweight, precast building material. ACC blocks are manufactured by  sand, calcined gypsum, lime, cement, water and aluminum powder, AAC blocks products are cured under heat and pressure in an autoclave. AAC blocks are provides insulation,and fire resistance .they are using in  wall panels, floor and roof panels, cladding panels and lintels.

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  • Paver blocks
Different types of  Materials used in Construction Works | Introduction

Paver blocks are commonly using to decorative a pavement. The main benefit of blocks over other materials is that individual bricks can later be lifted up and replaced.This allows to replace easily if need any maintenance of laying. Paver block are made by aggregate and cement but manufacturing methods are now allowing the use of recycled materials.

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  • Natural stone

Natural stone are important material in construction .Natural stone using to decorate and many  more purpose in construction, Stone is a natural solid formation of one or many minerals. Natural stone are available easily.

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  • Bentonite

Bentonite is a natural clays with a high water absorption capacity causing it to expand and swell. Bentonite quality is depend on its minerals.Bentonite Containing more than 85% clay mineral,Bentonite generally use in a fluidic  form in construction.

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  • Bitumen

Bitumen is a binding  material made from the by products of refined crude oil. bitumen is used in road construction because it is easy to produce,non-toxic, and a strong binder.

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