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density bentonite by mud balance

Determine the density of bentonite slurry

Density of bentonite slurry by Mud balance

Test standard : IS 6186:1986, RA2010

Test Appratus :

  1. Mud balance
  2. High speed slurry
  3. weighing balance.
Mud balance

Test Procedure

  1. Set up the instrument on level, Prepare 4% (W/V) bentonite slurry or as per the manufacturer guidelines.
  2. Clean cup dry the cup. Fill cup with the test slurry and place the cap on the cup and rotate the cap until firmly seated.
  3. Make sure that some of the slurry is expelled through the hole in the cap to free trapped air or gas.
  4. Wash and wipe the excess slurry from outside of the cup.
  5. Place the beam on the support and balance it by moving the rider along the graduated scale.
  6. The beam is horizontal when the leveling bubble is on the center line.
  7. Read the density at the side of the rider toward the knife-edge.
  8. Make appropriate corrections when a range extender is used. Clean and dry the instrument thoroughly after each use.

Record the density to the nearest 0.01 gm/cc

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