You are currently viewing Determination of Sieve analysis of aggregate IS 2386-Part 1
Determination of Sieve analysis of aggregate IS 2386-Part 1

Determination of Sieve analysis of aggregate IS 2386-Part 1

Sieve analysis of aggregate IS 2386-Part 1


Test Standard : IS 2386-Part 1

Test Apparatus :

  1.  Balance of accuracy 0.1% 
  2.  IS sieves 63mm, 40mm, 20mm, 12.5mm, 10mm, 4.75mm, 2.36mm, 1.18mm, 600µ, 300µ, 150µ and 75µ.
Test Procedure :
  1. Take a representative air-dried sample by quartering method or by a sample driver. Record its weight before sieving (i.e M, gms). 
  2. Sieve the samples successively on the appropriate sieves starting from the largest. Shake each sieve separately on a clean tray until not more than a trace passes, but in any case for a period of not less than two minutes. 
  3. The sieving shall be done backward, forward, circular, clockwise and anti-clockwise with frequent jarring, so that the material kept on the sieve frequently changes its direction. 
  4. Material shall not be forced through the sieve by hand pressure, but on sieves coarser than 20mm, placing of particles is permitted. Lumps of fine material present can be broken by gentle pressure by hand. Fine camel hairbrush may be used to clean the underside of the IS sieve 150 & 75microns
  5. Weigh the material retained on the each sieve together with the material cleaned from the mesh & record ( i.e M1, M2, M3, M4….gms)
Result Calculation :

% Retained on each sieve=
Cum % passing on each sieve = The cumulative % of passing on each sieve shall then be calculated & reported to 0.1%.

Minimum weights of sample for sieve analysis is given below:

Sieve analysis test of aggregate
Aggregate impact value test

Test format of Sieve analysis test of aggregate Coarse Aggregate:

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