Determination of compressive strength of Concrete Cubes

Determination of compressive strength of Concrete Cubes

Test standard : IS 516-1959

Test Apparatus : 

Compression testing machine capable of loading at 140  Kg/Sqcm/min 

Test Procedure :

  1. Concrete cubes may be tested at any age but usually, it shall be tested at recognized age of 7&28 days.It is to be tested immediately after removing from the water and while they are in SSD condition. Wipe off the surface and Check the dimension and noted down the weight. Wipe the bearing platens of the testing machine clean. Place the cubes in such a manner that the load’s hall be applied to opposite sides of the cube cast.
  2. The faces of the test specimen and the steel plates of the testing machine shall not be packed. Rotate the movable portion gently by hand,so that uniform seating is obtained. Apply the load without any shock continuously at the rate of 140 kg/sqcm/minute until the resistance of specimen to the increase of load breaks down and no greater load can be sustained. 
  3. Record the maximum load applied to the specimen. Compressive strength shall be calculated as the ratio of maximum load applied divided by the cross-sectional area of the specimen to be reported to the nearest Kg per sqcm. Average of three specimens shall be taken as a sample of representative batch provided individual variation is not more than 15% of the average.

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