Determination the dimensions (Length, width and thickness) of ceramic tiles.

Test Standard : IS 13630-Part1:1993

Test Appratus :

  1. Steel scale of 0.5mm accuracy
  2. Vernier Calliper
  3. Steel Calliper

Test Procedure for Determination the dimensions of ceramic tiles

Select randomly 10 Numbers of full size tiles.

  1. Determination of length and width
  1. Measure length and width of the specimen across each side at the position 5mm from the corner by using steel callipers.
  2. The average dimension of square tiles is the average of four measurements.
  3. The average dimension of the sample is the average of 40 measurements. For oblong tiles, each similar pair of sides of a tile provides the appropriate average dimension of the tile, an average of two measurements. The average dimensions for length and width are the average of 20 measurements each.

2. Determination of thickness

  1. Draw diagonals between the comers and measure the thickness at the thickest point within each of the four segments.
  2. Measure the thickness of each tile under test in four positions to an accuracy of 0.1 mm. Except split tiles.
  3. For split tiles, draw four lines at right angles across the extruded projections at a distance of 1/8, 3/8,5/8, 7/8 of the length measured from the end. Measure the thickness at the thickest point on each line.

The average thickness of each individual tile is the average of four measurements.

The average thickness of the sample is the average of 40 measurements.

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