Construction Materials

Burnt Clay Perforated bricks IS 2222

Burnt Clay Perforated bricks IS 2222 Burnt Clay Perforated bricks have cylindrical holes in thickness, Perforated bricks have high corrosive… Read More

Classification of Bricks

Classification of Bricks Brick is one of the oldest building materials in civil engineering. Different types of bricks are used… Read More

Properties of building materials

why is it important to study the properties of building materials? Building materials are playing an important role in modern… Read More

What is Geotextile? Purposes of Use

Geotextile Geotextile is the most widely used type of geosynthetic. Geotextile is often referred to as fabric. For example, common… Read More

what is flyash?

FLY ASH Flyash mostly used in fly ash bricks and concrete. the Flyash or pulverized fuel ash is the residue… Read More

Different types of Materials used in Construction Works | Introduction

Different types of Construction Materials Cement Cement Cements is a binding material, Cement are finely ground powders ,when cement mixed… Read More