Calibration of Rapid moisture meter

Calibration of Rapid moisture meter

Method of Calibration of Rapid moisture meter. For the calibration of RMM, we have to plot a graph, in which we compare the moisture content by RMM and Oven Dry Moisture content. If tests are made over a long period of time on the soil, we should calibration RMM, not exceeding 12 months. If moisture variation is exceeded more than 1.0 % of we should calibration speedy moisture meter.

Referance :

  • ASTM D4944-04
  • IS 2720 part 2

Test Apparatus :

  1. Rapid moisture meter
  2. Non-corrodible airtight container
  3. Weighing balance
  4. Hot air oven

Procedudre :

  1. Select a soil sample for test and dry the sample.
  2. Take about 200 gm dry sample and add the moisture 1 %.
  3. Then the sample is carefully divided into two specimens by quartering method or use of a sample splitter. Take care to not lose any moisture.
  4. One specimen is tested in accordance with Oven dry method and other is tested by Rapid moisture meter method. Record both test results.
  5. We have to test this to the maximum capacity of the RMM, Increasing it by 1 percent in per test.
  6. Plot the curve from Rmm test result and Oven dry results of each percent water content.

Typical calibration curve:

Calibration of Rapid moisture meter
Typical calibration curve of RMM calibration

Calibration Format:

Calibration of Rapid moisture meter
Calibration of Rapid moisture meter

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