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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks (AAC Block) is a building material, which is lightweight, load-bearing, high-insulating, durable building blocks. Bulk density test method of aac block.

Test standard : IS 6441-Part 1

Test Apparatus :

  1. Vernier calliper
  2. Saw cutting machine,
  3. Grinding machine,
  4. Straight edge,
  5. Hot air oven,
  6. Weighing balance.

Preparation of test specimen

  1. Take randomly 03 Numbers of blocks. Prepared each test specimen of 100x200x50mm size. From each sample test specimen, three test specimens shall be taken, One specimen shall be taken from the upper third of the sample, one from the middle and one from the lower section.
  2. Specimens are not cut within a distance of atleast 15 cm from an area where visible damage or changes in the normal structure and appearance have occurred.
  3. The specimens shall not contain any reinforcement. The specimens shall be cut by rotating carborundum blades or similar device. All surfaces shall be clean cut and plane. The largest surface shall not deviate from planeness by more than 0.1 mm, if measured diagonally with a straight-edge.

Test Procedure of bulk density for aac block

  1. Dry the test specimen in drying oven at 105±5°C tempretuse until all moisture has been removed.
  2. Measure length, width and thickness using vernier calliper for determination of the volume (V) .
  3. After removing specimens from the drying oven, the specimens shall be weighed. The weight (W ) of the specimen shall be considered constant if the weight after four hours of further drying has not changed more than 0.2%.

Calculation of Bulk density in gm/cc

Bulk density = W/V

W= Weight of the dry specimen in gms
V= Volume of the specimen in cc.

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