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bituminous emulsion testing


Determine the residue in bituminous emulsion by sieving through 600 microns IS Sieve.

Test Standard : IS 8887: 2004

Test Appratus for determination the residue in bituminous emulsion by sieving through 600 microns IS Sieve

  1. 600 Micron IS Sieve
  2. Hot air oven
  3. Weighing balance accuracy of 0.01 g
  4. Distilled water
  5. Xylene and acetone.
  6. Metal or glass dish

Test Procedure :

  1. Wash the sieve with xylene and then with acetone. Place it in the dish, dry in the oven at 100 to 110oC for one hour and weigh, together with the dish to the nearest 0.01 gm (W1).
  2. Remove the sieve from the dish and moisten with distilled water.
  3. Remove uniformly the 4-liter sample by gentle agitation and strain immediately through the sieve into the clean, dry, weighed container (W4).
  4. When the whole of the emulsion has been passed through the sieve, remove the sieve, and weigh the container to the nearest 1gm (W2).
  5. Wash the sieve repeatedly with distilled water until the washings run clear. Place the sieve in the small dish to dry for 2 hours in the oven at 105±5°C, Cool, and reweigh together to the nearest 0.01 gm (W3).

Percentage retained = [(W3-W1)/(W2-W4)] x 100

The test result not differ by more 0.02% for two test.

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